Whirlwind kennels specialize and producing quality Siberian huskies and Canadian Eskimo Dogs that excel in active homes. We breed for health, temperament and intelligence. Our Dogs make great pets for the active family, with high intelligence and workability they excel in most activities. Whirlwind kennels started out as Whirlwind Siberians and grew into so much more.


Whirlwind Kennels started out as an idea, an idea to show Siberian Huskies. This idea has bloomed into one of the most fulfilling and challenging adventures of the Ouimet's lives. The idea became a dream, that became a reality, to what we see today. Friends family, extended family all working together to share, preserve and protect not just the Siberian Husky but also the Canadian Eskimo Dogs as well. 


Our story starts with Dawn Ouimet, she is the one that started it all. When she was 18 Dawn started her search for a Siberian Husky show dog, having seen show dogs and the fun that came from going to shows from her Uncle. Dawn didn't share that she was planning on purchasing a Siberian with her parents, that came as a uprise when Dawn purchased her first Show dog Renny when she was 20. Dawn's Parents Kevan and Trudy told Dawn that she was on her own for the dog shows and everything that came with show dogs, they wanted no part of it.


Renny Entered the ring March of 2016, where he was awarded a baby puppy group in a large line up. Trudy was bitten by the dog show bug after attending the first show, Kevan loved how happy Dawn and Trudy where. Dawn entered the ring for the first time in FSJ and her and Renny did amazingly well, Dawn discover she was a natural at showing and truly enjoyed it as well.

Over the years many things have changed from the original idea, Renny Failed his Eye clearance and Dawn moved into a new direction, dog sledding. The Creation of Whirlwind Acres, the arrival of the Canadian Eskimos. Having family and friends join the Whirlwind Family. Our Simple idea morphed in to one Whirlwind of an adventure.