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Welcome to Whirlwind Kennels!

Whirlwind Kennels is proudly located at Whirlwind Acres just outside of Berwyn Alberta.

Whirlwind Kennels formally Whirlwind Siberians, started off as a vision by Dawn Ouimet. Dawn purchased her First Siberian as a graduation present to her self and embarked on a journey that would change not only her life but that of her parents, family and friends as well. 

Dawn's dream is to one day compete in the long distance race known as the Iditarod. The is the reason behind our breeding program, we breed dogs that can excel in harness along with making wonderful family pets and eager students always willing to try new things.

For more information about how we got started visit our About Us page or follow us on Facebook.

Whirlwind Acres (whirlwind-acres.com)